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Joey Voices Sings Our Praises

Joey was looking to revamp his online image and he came to us to update his website and digital presence.

Joey Voices has had a successful career as a singing impressionist booking shows across the country. In 2016 Joe asked us to help him grab a bigger share of of internet exposure. We designed a website and new logo that we thought represented his personality and act.

Joey had always had a "patriotic" theme to his shows and persona. He wanted a change,; he wanted a website that said.... Entertainer! We think the new site says that and more.

We also needed to build a database of fans and develop a way for Joey to stay connected. We put a subscriber point on his home page and featured it prominently in his social media posts. It can cost up to 25x morre to engage a new customer so wanted to engage his existing audience and allow them to become our brand ambassadors. Now, when Joey sends out information his fans see it and then help spread the word, kinda like the 80's Faberge commercial.

Our idea was to take advantage of his talent; put a microphone in front of him and Joey could be anyone. Therefore his face needed to be a blank canvas and the tool of his trade, his mouth accentuated. We think it works!

Check out Joey's website at and then buy your tickets to his show.

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